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You want a successful online business or successfully market your business online. If that's what you want then it is not enough just to create a blog or a website and you sit idle waiting for the results. There are some tips that you absolutely must do.

Perhaps the results you want is a flow of money coming into your bank account, increase your popularity as an expert in a particular field, or also the formation of your business brand.

Here's what you should do so that you can actually succeed in marketing your products and your business online through blogs or websites that you create.

1 Continuously manage the blog / website.
This is a very important job done. Some of the business people who contacted me claiming to be a small business offline really been put through the business for many years. Most of them want to made ​​a blog or a website to market their business online .

They made a mistake after the blog is filled with pictures and post some fruit, and after that they anggab everything is finished. They just let their blogs not updated contents.

Yet without routinely filled, the search engine will menganggab blog is not managed properly and therefore will not improve its ranking in Google search results, even slowly will continually downgraded. If that happens, you blog will not get visitors at all.

Unless you are diligent you backlinks to your blog, and actually backlink is just one of several best ways improve the ranking of your blog or defend her .

Including part of the activities of managing a blog is:

  1.     Fill the blog with new content on a regular basis.
  2.     Monitor the progress of the blog ranking. Of course you should always rank you noticed your blog  is ranking for the keywords that bring in visitors that is likely to become your customers.
  3.     Health check blogs. You must register your blog account to google webmaster . Why google webmasters tool (GWT). GWT will provide important information about many things related to the performance of your blog. Several times the biggest mistake I have done is not noticed kesehan blog in google webmaster tools account.
  4.     Learning SEO. SEO is complicated, really. But sometimes it is not as complicated as one might think. To be sure it is always evolving SEO techniques to follow what he wants the search engines. What you need to know about SEO is that SEO is the way to your blog rank better on Google search results for the keywords that you would expect.
Search engines or search engines like google it intends to refer only quality information most relevant to what is typed information seekers. So even if you are a blogger yesterday afternoon if you can provide the most accurate information, unique, informative, written with Siwak writing academic standards. your writing will likely appear in the top rankings.

2 Follow the online business development.
You've got a blog or website that you use to market their products and services. You have also kelolah blog diligently and correctly. You should always follow the development of online business.

There may be the latest online marketing techniques that are relevant to your business, and there's nothing wrong you try to apply. There may be a government issued new rules related to online business.

Included in following the development of online business is to know what your competitors are doing and what they are not doing. What is the newest and best products on the market that is associated with your business.

3. live process with patience.
There is no quick way to make your blog or website to generate sales if you do just to make a website / blog and fill it with some fruit and posting pictures. You will make money if your blog get visitors who become customers.

To bring visitors into customers is not an easy job, because there are many competitors in your business who want the same thing. You must be diligent, much to learn from your predecessors, and be patient.

I started blogging since 2009, and has written more than 400 titles of articles though not all written with the correct writing format and many of them only have less than 300 words.

From the beginning of the blog to date has undergone many ups and downs bloggging spirit, even not rarely falls to the lowest point, fortunately, not until it stops.

Then why do I stay strong survive. Not because of blogging that I do have a clear and realistic goals. The aim was that made me stay motivated through the process.

Another thing that makes me not want to quit is the moment I have entered a phase of marsh enjoy the fruits of my labor over the years, regardless of how successful I will be, the result is not exclusively in the form of money, at least I have been on the right track .
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