What is internet marketing


What is internet marketing

Maybe during this our understanding about internet marketing it is huckster via internet. Actually it not wrong because if seen from the definition, internet marketing it is marketing online via internet. Well, if we spoke marketing- mean it not just sales but also including promotion branding, and relationships with patrons who done online.

Why we do internet marketing ( marketing online )? Surely any businessperson good business owners offline and business owners online wants to increase their sales or brand want to make them more famous again. Well, the internet is one of the media most properly for giving information to internet users ( netter ) about their business, and also as a medium for selling products they have.

To ease us to understand more about the internet marketing, i shall try explain in a more simple and give you some examples form internet marketing which is usually done by the internet marketer. Form the internet marketing it could we share to 2 part, namely as a source of income and manner of a promotion. Performed in internet marketing actually only two that, but type business very much.

More simple explanation about the internet marketing:

I. Marketing internet for its income ( source of income )
currently, the internet has become one of indonesia societys lifestyle especially for those who have gadgets with the latest technology, like smartphone, tablet, and a laptop. Let look about you almost everybody already got smartphone, even a blackberry siomay has got to be able to direct their siomay promotion. Stay broad cast; promosinya to customers were also have blackberry, siomaynya deportment hard- hehehe it.
Running the networks marketing to get income jempatan with some types business, among them are ppc ( pay per click ), pps ( pay per sale ), ppl ( pay per lead ), sell its own products, and business auction online.

1. PPC (Pay Per Click)
Program PPC (Pay Per Click) by owners of a website/blog to earn revenue from their sites. Income derived from these PPC programs is derived from the click made by the visitor/visitors who are interested in an ad on the site. The site owner or Publisher be paid per click made by a visitor of the site, where the price per kliknya have been determined in advance by the Advertiser/advertisers. Great income depends on the number of ad clicks and clicks on the price bid by the Advertiser.

Some companies that offer PPC programs include:

    Google Adsense
    Kumpul Blogger
    ID Blog Network

2. PPS (Pay Per Sale)
from the name alone, we might be able to understand about this program. We are going to get paid each time a product purchase occurs comes from affiliate link belongs to us. The magnitude of the revenue depends on the number of goods sold, and also rate the percentage of Commission from the owner of the item.

The company that offers program pps among them:

3. PPL (Pay Per Lead)
these are affiliate programs where the seller/vendor shall provide the Commission every time we manage to submit leads on the seller/vendor. For example we are directing internet users to sign up on the email newsletter, free trial, or fill out the form, through an affiliate link to ours. One of the companies that offer programs of PPL is MaxBounty.com.

4. Sell Own Products right now,
selling something over the internet is not something extraordinary. We can sell anything via the internet be it physical or shaped products are digital. In addition, offline business we can also marketed over the internet. For example we had a business selling fried onions, selling only via the internet, there is definitely a buy

5. Auction ( online auction ) in the internet
also is no place to sell something ours or belonging to someone else we help sale, by means of auction. Surely it was can benefit because we can sell goods we this with an bargained with the highest.

The company noted that provides a facility auction online:

II. Internet Marketing For Online Promotion (Traffic Generation)
As has been mentioned in early articles, online promotion is one form of internet marketing. No matter what products or business, will be promoted the internet is very effective one of the media to build brand website our business and make known to many people.
There are many ways to promote your business through the medium of the internet, such as through SEO (Search Engine Optimization), via PPC Advertising (PPC Advertising), Email Marketing, Mobile Advertising, and Social Media Marketing.

1. PPC Advertising (PPC Ads)
is different with PPC program for publishers, PPC Ads program is intended for the Advertiser/advertisers that want to promote their business. In this case we as advertisers have to spend money in order for the provider of PPC Ads display ads in our network of sites to their publisher. Of course we can arrange ad price which corresponds to the existing budget.

Several firms offer this program is:
    Google Adwords
    Yahoo Advertising
    MSN Advertising Center
    Kumpul Blogger
    ID Blog Network

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) SEO is a form of online promotion that I like because it's free. However, SEO requires special skills, requires processes with time briefly. That is why there are many website owners who are willing to spend money to hire the services of SEO to make the site their business into the main search results page of search engines.

3. Email marketing
according to his name, email marketing is the process of marketing products or services with using e-mail as a walker. Email is also marketing an assortment its kind, there are direct email, retention email, and advertise in email others. Marketing via e-mail usually very effective as a promotion to or sales letter can were sent to owner account that email.

A record important that it must be remembered is that we shall not perform spam interferes with others, because it will be and of course would only harm our own because the owner email can do unscribe or of inserting email us into a list of spammer.

4. Mobile Advertising
Mobile advertising is the advertising services, through mobile devices. Smartphone users currently have lots, and usually their cell phones taken away everywhere. This is what makes mobile advertising is particularly effective for business promotion media. Some models of mobile ads is through SMS, MMS, Banner Ads, Games, and others.

5. Social media same thing with seo,
marketing promotion by using online social media can do for free. As we know, social media like facebook user site, twitter, google +, and youtube, number has very much. And this is media promotion very effective product anything to market through the internet.

6. marketing through Forums
there is now lots of forums that are created specifically to discuss certain topics. An example is Kaskus.co.id. This Forum discusses a variety of topics ranging from politics, business, national, and much more. One of the sub forum on Kaskus specifically for online merchants who want to market their products through Kaskus. In addition, there are still some Kaskus forum again which can be used as a medium of online marketing, will be covered in another article.

So little explanations of marketing, what is the internet and marketing media-media can be used for online. There are many ways to do marketing, internet but we should not do all because not all marketing methods could work we do. Therefore, take some that are effective and suitable to sell products or services want to be promoted. Thanks i ' ve read the article hopefully thiscould a little help.

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