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Content marketing or content marketing is a marketing technique through the creation and distribution of content that is valuable, relevant and interesting kosisten for internet targeted visitors that are intended to turn visitors into customers.

Content that is intended form of article posting including images, infographics, video and all forms of content that is generally present in the blog.

There are several assumptions which even became a myth in marketing activities through content, and believe these myths instead of bringing you success in marketing can actually make online marketing efforts you fail.

Myths in marketing through content are as follows:

1 Each person should have a blog.

Have a blog that requires you to be committed fill it regularly and manage it properly.

Why should be filled on a regular basis? and managed properly.

Blogs are not routinely filled will dianggab not managed properly and it became a signal for Google to downgrade the blog. And this often happens.

Likewise, if you are not consistent. For example, normally you publish a new article each week and then you're too lazy for a month until you only publish one article a post then it will also have a negative impact to rank your blog.

While content marketing or content marketing will be more effective if your post is rated good in Google or other search engines.

If you can not write on a regular basis is better you write for other people's blogs that are popular and relevant to your area of ​​business.

2 It should republish your posts in many other places.

It is customary for us to submit a link or re-publish a post on our blog in blog directories with the intention of getting backlinks or attract visitors from popular sites.

For example, I publish this article on the blog, then a few paragraphs of the article or even a whole section of my article is also published in or in example.

1 The same article published in your blog is also published on many other websites that likely netted by google panda as an optimization that is not true, and therefore will be affected by the source blog downgrade.

Blog often suffered downgrades to certain post articles that one reason is the copy and paste actions that people do.

3 Posts Longer is better.

Not always a nice long post is rated in search engines. in principle relevant posts and uniklah the chance.

Long post that shows you discuss a topic in more detail and it was nice to visitors of your blog and posts short but more relevant to the title is certainly more important.

Posts that discuss a more in-depth Tofik just one of the factors that affect Google rankings . But often the longer a post instead extends out of the topic.

4. through content marketing strategy for each of the same blog.

There are 2 different types of blog views of who the target reader of the blog. That is the target audience of business blogs are also business people (business to business) and business blogs are the target readers are end-users of your services (business to consumer).

Blogs are the target visitors are regular readers do not have to load the lengthy review and should not be very detailed.

Readers of ordinary people are often lazy to read the article that is too long. They are more suited to the article how to use a product.

While readers of the business community or the same bloggers for example we do not mind reading our in-depth with the purpose of getting a real benefit from our articles so that what they read they can apply to their business progress. Readers of this type prefer to read the article how to do things better.

Most blogs target two types of readers because it's such blogs will usually write two types of articles posted in accordance with the targeted target audience.

Articles to target readers who are bloggers (business people) then let more depth, can also be supplied with case studies or load data and actual facts.

5. Publish most popular and valuable article on your blog.

It is a nice publish popular articles in your own blog if your blog is very popular, or you can put your post page rated well in the search engines, but what if not empty or blog.

If you publish the article in a popular blog belonging to someone else no matter how rank your post in the search engines then you will gain popularity tens times better.

Popular blogs certainly very much and your visitors through your articles published have introduced themselves to the crowd.

6 Content marketing is considered successful only if there is a sale.

Very rare people immediately buy a product or use your services once they visit and read your post.

New visitors will be interested to buy a product or service after visiting a few times.

So despite not going on sale does not mean you are doing the marketing strategy fail. At least it is a way to build a brand and establish a community around your blog .

7 Lots of content means a lot achievement.

A lot of content here means the amount of content in your blog as a whole.

If you can publish quality content of course everything will be a lot of benefits that you achieve, but if your blog is not that much of the content will be exposed to penalties google.

Anyway if your blog is young you may have published a post every day. Are you able to remain consistently publishing articles with relatively the same amount every day. If not, your habits will backfire later in the future.

So better focus publish quality content that is published on a regular basis, for example, 1 post every week.


Having a blog is good when you can fill it with content regularly. Filling blog regularly just is not enough even detrimental if you fill it with quality content is not.

Many blogs with hundreds of article posting does not mean the author mastered content marketing.

Although you have been doing content marketing right does not mean every post published soon bring buyers.
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